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Family dynamics are complex, and arguments or disagreements can be filled with intense emotion. Sometimes, this emotion can unintentionally explode and lead to severe allegations and arrests.

At Buzgon Davis Law Offices, we’re dedicated to helping our clients navigate challenging circumstances and make the best decisions to restore balance to their daily lives. Our domestic violence attorneys in Lebanon County recognize the importance of working quickly to minimize the risk of protective orders and provide the unwavering support you deserve.

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Domestic Violence Law in PA

Domestic violence is the physical, sexual or psychological abuse that happens between family members, partners, parents, and neighbors. Pennsylvania, like many other states, doesn’t have specific laws attributed to “domestic violence.” Instead, those accused of committing domestic violence against another are often charged with abuse, assault, stalking or harassment. Our domestic violence attorneys at Buzgon Davis understand the intricacies of these various laws, including key factors used in sentencing, such as:

  • The severity of the offense.
  • Criminal history.
  • Long-term repercussions.
  • The defendant’s attitude and feelings of remorse.
  • Potential for rehabilitation.
  • The defendant’s adherence to restraining orders and treatment programs.
  • Mitigating circumstances.

When to Seek out Our Domestic Violence Attorneys in Lebanon County

Buzgon Davis Law Offices is in your corner. We are one of the area’s most experienced legal teams and maintain an extensive knowledge base on all legal matters, from criminal issues to car accident injuries. We work hard to defend your interests, treating you with the respect and transparency you expect from your representation.

When family circumstances boil over and an arrest is made, you can count on Buzgon Davis to stand by you. We can help in the following situations:

  • You were preventing abuse.
  • There’s no proof against you.
  • You’re dealing with a custody dispute.
  • You’ve been falsely accused.

How Buzgon Davis Can Help

When you’re dealing with accusations or charges linked to domestic violence, our cutting-edge legal team can help. We realize family relationships can be challenging, and we leverage our vast legal expertise to advocate for your best interests. Our professionals understand the intricate approaches to protective orders and potential court proceedings. We’ll do our best to accomplish your goals, showing that you didn’t commit the alleged crime or that there’s unsubstantial proof against you.

Our domestic violence attorneys in Lebanon have years of experience working on thousands of cases and have a unique insight into Pennsylvania law. While you’ll work directly with one of our counsels, we approach every case as a team. Every team member is available to provide support and plan strategies to get your life back on track. With Buzgon Davis by your side, you’re hiring more than a lawyer — you’re gaining a partner committed to helping you tackle the most difficult moments.

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Dealing with domestic violence situations in Pennsylvania can be overwhelming without the right lawyers by your side. Fortunately, Buzgon Davis is dedicated to protecting your rights and will work diligently to provide the highest-quality representation possible. Contact our law firm online or call us at (717) 467-4994 to learn more!

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