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Mergers and acquisition is a branch of corporate law that deals with businesses buying or joining other companies. Mergers and acquisitions attorneys assist with tasks such as analyzing contracts, identifying legal issues and aiding in negotiation tactics to ensure the prospective deal helps your business achieve its goals.

At Buzgon Davis Law Offices, our team is happy to provide legal counsel to companies in any stage of the merging or acquisition process. We represent businesses of any size and in all industries and will use our extensive law experience to offer your company the greatest chance of success.

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Our Mergers and Acquisition Services

A company may enter the merger and acquisition process for various reasons, some of the most common being bankruptcy and increased market shares. Our experienced team for mergers and acquisitions can help you minimize the risks by:

  • Operating as your company’s primary point of contact and providing counsel from the initial consultation to the closing of your matter.
  • Supporting your company in establishing goals and objectives for a merger or acquisition and developing strategies to achieve them.
  • Reviewing all client contracts, financial statements and critical documents.
  • Analyzing and assessing the other party for critical information like finances, debts and assets.
  • Identifying points that may affect the transaction, such as federal, state and regulatory issues.
  • Assisting in negotiating deals and providing additional insight when needed.
  • Consulting with tax professionals to determine potential risks and develop strategies to minimize risk.

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Whether you are structuring, negotiating or closing a merger or acquisition, our team will use their extensive knowledge to provide effective legal counsel. Some additional reasons why many businesses choose us for customized legal services include:

  • Due diligence: Turn to our team to provide due diligence on the target company and uncover any risks impacting your merger or acquisition.
  • Regulatory compliance: Our team has experience with mergers and acquisitions in various industries and can easily navigate these regulatory needs.
  • Post-closing support: Our team can assist with integration issues, regulatory compliance and any legal matters arising post-transaction.

Why Trust Us for Your Mergers and Acquisition Needs

We understand every business has different legal needs, which is why we’re happy to take the time to understand you and your company before offering a custom solution. Our team values our clients’ needs and strives to deliver the best possible results so your business can achieve its goals.

One attorney will be your primary point of contact throughout your case and coordinate other attorneys who will be working on your matter, providing access to our wide range of knowledge and insight. As our client, you will receive our full attention, and our team will work to reach a timely solution that benefits both you and your business.

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If you’re looking for an experienced law firm to assist with your merger or acquisition needs, Buzgon Davis Law Offices is happy to help. We have experience with public and private transactions across numerous industries. As one of the top merger and acquisition law firms, we will spend time getting to know you and your company to ensure we make all decisions in your best interest.

To learn more about our services, we invite you to schedule an initial consultation with a merger and acquisition attorney by calling us at 717-467-4994 or completing our online contact form today.

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