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Laws protect victims of unfair trade practices

Unfair trade practices may include fraud, deception, negligence and defective products. Our attorneys possess a wealth of knowledge and experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in these and other related areas. With our highly skilled litigation lawyers in Lebanon County, we can offer excellent advice for those cases that can be challenging to prove. Our representation of large and small corporations and private citizens has resulted in the successful litigation of highly complex cases throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

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We provide legal advocacy for a range of complex litigation situations.

What Is Complex Litigation?

Complex litigation refers to cases with specific nuances like:

  • High-stakes outcomes.
  • Clarity of underlying facts and the expertise required for understanding them, such as scientific, medical or technical knowledge.
  • Quantity of documentation collected.
  • Multiple involved parties or jurisdictions.

Complex litigation cases take more patience, finesse and knowledge to present and prove. Some examples of situations that may fall under the category of complex litigation include environmental cases, civil rights claims, class action suits and malpractice.

Our Complex Litigation Experience

The highly qualified Buzgon Davis team of litigation lawyers in Lebanon County has successfully tackled numerous complex cases in matters involving:

  • Commercial litigationOur attorneys regularly handle matters like a breach of contract and intellectual property protection as part of our comprehensive business and commercial law services.
  • Construction litigation: Buzgon Davis has represented plaintiffs bringing suit for negligence and defended construction firms against illegitimate claims.
  • Fraud investigation: Our fraud attorneys serving Palmyra and Lebanon County are well-versed in how to conduct a successful investigation and build a compelling case.
  • Product liability: Injuries received through a faulty product can be life-altering, and our attorneys provide passionate representation and defense for complex product liability claims.
  • Debt collection: Our team provides legal guidance on fair collection techniques and helps protect debtors from unfair practices.
  • Social security claims: Buzgon Davis represents those who’ve experienced wrongful benefit reductions or disability denials with complex underlying facts.

As a result of our leadership in complex litigation, we have gained the respect and appreciation of individuals in our community as well as local and national corporations.

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