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Even if the crime seems harmless and non-violent, the consequences of identity theft in Pennsylvania can be severe. Penalties range from large fines and prison time to indictment in the U.S. federal courts.

Many factors can impact your case. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you understand the difference between Pennsylvania and federal identity theft charges. You need the combined legal expertise of Buzgon Davis Law Offices.

Let our experienced legal counsel help you navigate the criminal system with solid guidance and compassionate representation. Learn how we can help you mount a successful defense against identity theft charges.

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What Is Identity Theft in Pennsylvania?

The internet and the digitizing of personal information have made identity theft more common than ever before. Law enforcement agencies at the state, local and federal levels work together to track these crimes using specialized tracking techniques. Often, the evidence gathered is precise and lengthy. So, it’s essential to know the legal definition of identity theft if you face criminal charges in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania law defines identity theft as using someone else’s identifying information without their permission for illegal or unlawful purposes. Identifying information could include:

  • Photo I.D.
  • Credit cards.
  • Bank account info.
  • Payroll numbers.
  • Social Security numbers.
  • Date of birth.
  • Another person’s image.
  • Phone service.
  • Insurance information.

The law also states that each time an alleged offender uses the identifying information to commit a crime, this constitutes a separate offense. This means you could be charged for every transaction committed using another person’s identity. If you are convicted, this could result in a very severe sentence.

Examples of Identity Theft

What kind of actions could result in criminal identity theft charges? Some examples include:

  • Stealing a driver’s license to commit fraudulent acts.
  • Purchasing items with a stolen credit card.
  • Using another person’s personal or business checks.
  • Hacking into a banking or credit database for personal information.
  • Using another’s identity to apply for a credit card or obtain a replacement credit card.
  • Using another’s identity for government benefits.
  • Using another’s identity for health care purposes.
  • Using another’s identity to apply for a loan or mortgage.
  • Filing falsified tax returns to collect the refund.

What to Do If You Are Charged With Identity Theft in PA

Identity theft is more than using another person’s personal information. The court must prove that you obtained the information without consent and that you had unlawful purposes in mind for its use. Depending on the total value associated with the identity’s wrongful use, you may be facing a misdemeanor or a felony.

When you do business with the team at Buzgon Davis Law Offices, we work to understand the full nature of your charges and all the evidence that has been gathered in connection with your case. Every detail can impact the severity of your charges. Even if we are unable to get your charges dismissed, we will work to downgrade them to a more lenient penalty.

Every step of the way, your identity theft attorney will work with you to determine the most effective defense strategies.

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