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Defense Against Felony Offenses, Buzgon Davis Law Offices

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Facing felony charges or being the subject of a felony investigation is a frightening experience. It can leave you uncertain about your future, reputation and well-being. You may question your legal options or how to defend yourself effectively.

The experienced felony attorneys at Buzgon Davis Law Offices are here to help Lebanon County residents like you get the advice and advocacy you deserve.

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The Offenses Our Felony Attorneys Handle

Felony offenses in Pennsylvania fall into three categories based on their perceived level of severity:

  • Felony 1 (F1) charges: These charges carry the stiffest potential penalties and jail terms. Examples of F1 charges we can defend you against include rape, arson, kidnapping and some gun-related allegations.
  • Felony 2 (F2) charges: These charges rank as mid-level in severity and carry shorter potential prison sentences and lower fines than F1 charges. Our team provides competent and experienced defense representation against charges like statutory sexual assault, burglary, theft of property and aggravated assault.
  • Felony 3 (F3) charges: These allegations have the lowest potential fines and shortest jail terms among felonies. Examples of F3s we can defend include carrying a firearm without a license, bribery, identity theft and stalking.

Murder is considered the highest level of crime and has its own designation within a separate section under Title 18 of the Pennsylvania Code, making it more severe than F1 penalties.

Driving while under the influence (DUI) charges can become felonious depending on the number of previous convictions, specific blood alcohol levels and situations involving severe injuries or death. Buzgon Davis Law Offices has experience defending against these charges as well.

How a Felony Offenses Attorney Can Help

It’s crucial to contact professional, competent legal counsel as soon as you’ve received felony charges or know you are the subject of a felony investigation. Skilled lawyers for felony charges can:

  • Represent you and enforce your rights in police interviews.
  • Help you navigate the legal system, pleadings, hearings and procedures.
  • Gather evidence to support your case, including identifying and capturing testimony from potential witnesses.
  • Explore all potential defenses, such as justification or mitigating circumstances.
  • Investigate the possibility of dismissal of charges and all possible alternative-to-jail and alternate sentencing programs.
  • Negotiate with prosecutors on your behalf.
  • Present your case in court when necessary.

Why Trust Us?

We have an extensive history as trusted legal advisors, with decades of combined experience dating back to 1955. Every team member has received a comprehensive legal education from well-respected institutions and passed rigorous testing requirements to prove our legal knowledge. Additionally, we adhere to a stringent Code of Ethics that includes a dedication to continuing education and competent, professional representation.

Our office has several lawyers actively practicing criminal defense to advocate for you, including Scott GrenobleMichael BechtoldJoseph Crowe and Andrew Luch. Regardless of which one of us handles your case, we leverage the collective legal expertise and knowledge of our entire team to provide accurate advice and craft the best possible defense.

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Buzgon Davis Law Offices has deep connections to the Lebanon County communities we serve and a successful history of doing so. Our awards and recognitions include multiple years of honor as a “Best of Lebanon Valley” recipient, several attorneys named “Super Lawyers” and one member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Club. We’ve earned these distinctions through a steadfast commitment to personalized, compassionate and direct representation.

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