Privacy Policy


At Buzgon Davis Law Offices we value your privacy with the highest priority. We understand the importance of confidentiality whether that be in our firm or while you browse through our website. Such information you provide to the firm includes but is not limited to: Your first and last name; contact information, i.e., phone number, email, fax number, address, and occupation; along with any additional information you provide in regard to any charges or a matter you require legal assistance.


Information that you submit in any of our online forms is solely used for the purpose of gaining insight into your matter and how we can better assist you. When you fill out the form, the information is given directly to our staff at Buzgon Davis to contact you and set up an appointment for you to speak with an attorney. All of the information you submit in any form on our site will always remain confidential.

The information you entrust to our firm will never be given to any third party without your knowledge and consent. In the circumstance that we might share this information would be in the following scenarios: With your full and understood consent, if we are required by law to do so, or in the event that we service you in legal proceedings.


Our website is set up to potentially collect domain and web server information from a user in which it reads how you are engaging with our site. This is done by collecting data on how often a user visits, what parts of our website gets the most attention, the duration of a visit, how you were referred to our site, etc.

We use this data to further promote a user-friendly experience and ensure that all aspects of the website are functioning to its highest capacity.


Some portions of our website use cookies to track your preferences and improve the user experience. A cookie is a file that a web server creates and loads onto your device when you access a website. They are typically used to remember your login information, language, browsing preferences, etc. They customize your experience without storing any personal information. The only information a cookie can store, is the information you specifically provide. A cookie can also track website traffic and determine what portions of our website you are most interested in. These cookies are safe and can only be accessed by you and the domain of the website.

You have control over what cookies you allow or accept. In your device’s browser settings, you can limit or completely turn off cookie usage when visiting any website. While you may still be able to access the website, please note that some portions may not function properly without the usage of cookies.


You have the option to pay your bill online at any time. The secure, external link to LawPay will not sell your information or inappropriately store/use your credit card. This information is confidential and will not be used for any other matter except for when you use it to pay for your legal services; however, LawPay is a third party and is subject to its own Privacy Policy. We encourage you to read their policy in addition to our own.


Our site implements safety measures to safeguard your information and transmit it to our staff in a secure manner. We work with consultants and our site designers to formulate a safe system to protect any important information that you may submit. While we do have these measures in place, we cannot guarantee that it will always work to the best of its ability. Should our protection system fail, we advise that you ensure you have your own safety implications in place to protect against unwanted infiltrations.


We reserve the right to update or change our policy at any time and without notice. In the instance that the policy is updated, it will be displayed on this page from the first day that it will be effective. Updates may need to occur in the circumstance that privacy laws change, or our safety measures need to be reconfigured to support more efficient protection. If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please email us at