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While most parents do their best to raise their children properly, many kids engage in some form of misbehavior along the way. When the conduct crosses the legal line, it could have significant consequences for the offenders and their parents.

If you have a child accused of a delinquent act, a capable juvenile delinquency attorney will help you navigate the legal system. The experienced team at Buzgon Davis Law Offices can provide effective, personalized representation in the Lebanon, Pennsylvania, area.

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About the Juvenile Laws in PA

Like most other states, the Pennsylvania justice system functions differently for juveniles than adults. It addresses offenses committed by individuals ages 10 to 18, although supervision can extend to age 21 in some circumstances.

While the adult court system is more punitive in nature, the Juvenile Court recognizes that children often do not understand the full consequences of their actions. Many services are available in an effort to rehabilitate juvenile offenders, such as mental health treatment, drug and alcohol counseling, life skills training and conflict resolution counseling.

There are other important distinctions in the Pennsylvania juvenile justice system:

  • Offenses are referred to as delinquent acts instead of crimes.
  • Most juvenile hearings are closed to the public and presided over by a judge or hearing master.
  • Jury trials do not occur in Juvenile Court.
  • A juvenile found to have committed an offense is considered to be adjudicated delinquent instead of found guilty.

How Can a Juvenile Defense Attorney Help?

Navigating the juvenile justice system can be lengthy, complicated and intimidating for children and their parents. Depending on the circumstances, the child could be released to a parent’s custody after an arrest or taken to a juvenile detention center. In the latter situation, the child will attend a hearing in front of a judge or master within 72 hours.

While the law doesn’t require legal representation at a detention hearing, having one present can alleviate anxiety and help ensure the protection of the child’s rights. The attorney can also provide reliable guidance through possible subsequent steps, including the intake process, an adjudicatory hearing and a disposition hearing.

Juveniles who are first-time offenders may be eligible for programs that can have the charges dismissed and the record expunged upon successful completion, including diversion programs, informal adjustments and a consent decree initiative, where the juvenile probation department supervises the child for up to six months. A knowledgeable defense attorney for juveniles can advocate for admission into the most appropriate program and assist with meeting the eligibility requirements.

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At Buzgon Davis Law Offices, our attorneys have extensive experience handling all types of juvenile law matters, including underage alcohol offenses, assault, drug charges, vandalism and theft. Our efforts may be able to help your child avoid legal actions that could have lifelong ramifications.

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