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Are you experiencing ongoing issues with a new car or troubles enforcing an auto warranty? Do you have a contract dispute or title issue you need legal guidance to resolve? The Buzgon Davis team can help.

Our experienced attorneys handle all types of civil law cases to help protect your rights and your assets. We have the skills, knowledge and resources to help individuals and organizations through each step of the civil suit process as a trusted partner in your corner. When a noncriminal legal matter arises, you can count on us for competent, compassionate representation.

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Civil law is a practice area concentrating on dealings between community members rather than focusing on criminal, religious or military issues. Some common civil law proceedings include arbitration, mediation and nonjury trials. At Buzgon Davis, we specialize in various aspects of civil law to provide comprehensive advice.

Lemon Law Cases and Auto Warranty Enforcement

If you’ve purchased and registered a new vehicle in Pennsylvania and experience ongoing or repeated issues with it, you may be entitled to relief under the Automobile Lemon Law. Our Lemon Law attorneys in Lebanon County can help you determine whether your car qualifies for a refund or replacement and decide on the next best legal steps. Certain relief restrictions apply — including an initial reporting time frame — so it’s essential to involve our Lemon Law attorneys in Palmyra and Lebanon as early as possible.

Another typical driver issue we’ve successfully handled is vehicle warranty enforcement. Our experienced auto warranty lawyers can review your document’s terms and fight to get you the results you deserve for your claims.

Title Issue Resolution

Real estate transactions can be some of the most significant financial investments an individual or organization makes. Sometimes, issues present themselves with titles, land use or construction. When they do, it can seem like they multiply and make relatively straightforward transactions much more complicated.

Our lawyers for title issues in Palmyra and throughout Lebanon County can help insurance companies, buyers, sellers and tenants with situations like:

  • Property title problems an owner didn’t disclose, such as liens.
  • Restrictive covenants that hamper business operations or growth.
  • Title searches and insurance policies.
  •  Leases and purchase agreement disputes.

Contract Disputes

Contracts help outline the responsibilities and expectations of a business relationship. Common challenges include vague language, hidden provisions or other complexities that can lead to issues. When there’s a misunderstanding, the situation can quickly escalate into a dispute and require legal expertise to resolve.

Buzgon Davis is the clear choice for contract dispute attorneys in Lebanon County. We’ll review the language and advise you of the possible legal strategies and realistic outcomes for a wide range of contract types, including construction, employment and manufacturing agreements.

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When you need legal help from a civil suit lawyer near you, Buzgon Davis is here to serve. We have a local presence in Lebanon and Palmyra and a sterling reputation as leading civil lawyers in Palmyra and the surrounding areas.

Schedule your confidential consultation by calling us at 717-467-4994 or reaching out to us online.

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