Divorce in Pennsylvania

Focusing On Family Stability

Divorce is emotionally difficult on adults and the effect of a divorce on children can be devastating. Divorce often significantly affects financial stability, as well. For these reasons, choosing to divorce is a major decision and having access to accurate information and a compassionate legal representative is vital.

A divorce that involves children is typically more complicated, with a much higher potential for conflict. The last thing that parents want is to see their children suffer, even if divorce is ultimately in a family’s best interest. Additionally, a divorce often affects an individual’s financial situation, whether simple or complex.

Contact one of our understanding attorneys today for information and guidance on the divorce process in Pennsylvania. A lawyer can provide a professional and objective approach to dissolving a marriage, allowing a family time to heal.

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Divorce Considerations in Pennsylvania

Divorce involves several different aspects, and Pennsylvania courts treat each aspect separately, as each aspect involves different laws.

Our attorney can explain and guide you through each step of a divorce in Pennsylvania, including:

  • Child custody: If minor children are involved, determining who gets custody is a main priority in many divorces. There are two types of custody in Pennsylvania: legal custody and physical custody. There are numerous factors a court analyzes when creating a custody order. Although custody is an important part of divorce, it is not actually part of the divorce legal proceedings.
  • Child support: Many factors determine a fair and adequate child support amount, including each parent’s income and amount of physical custody time. If a parent does not pay their court ordered child support, there are several legal methods available to ensure payment.
  • Equitable distribution: Pennsylvania law states that all property acquired during the marriage is marital property. Property examples include real property (land, houses), personal property (clothes, furniture and vehicles), bank accounts and retirement accounts.
  • Spousal support and alimony: Pennsylvania law allows a spouse to receive spousal support, which are payments from the other while the divorce is pending. These payments are temporary in nature. Alimony refers to long-term or permanent payments from one spouse to another.
  • Tax ramifications: Tax consequences must be considered during a divorce and should not be overlooked.

We understand that every family’s situation is unique, and these are just a few of the pieces involved in a Pennsylvania divorce. Every family has unique needs in a divorce, and current law recognizes this fact.

Personalized Service For You And Your Family

Retaining the services of an experienced legal professional is essential during a divorce, to allow spouses and families to work through their emotions while letting an attorney handle paperwork and take care of the details.

One of our knowledgeable attorneys can advocate for your best interests during your divorce, while providing necessary support and guidance. This allows you to focus on the important job of healing, and if children are involved, helping them get through this period of adjustment as smoothly as possible.

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