Child Custody in Pennsylvania

A Difficult Decision

Your children mean everything to you, and you never thought you would see the day where your family splits apart. When it comes to child custody, the process is complicated and the emotions involved often feel unbearable.

Having a competent attorney by your side is vital at a time like this. A lawyer can provide an objective, professional approach to the custody proceeding, allowing you to focus on tending to your family’s needs.

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The Various Aspects of Custody

There are many different issues that must be considered in a custody proceeding. For instance, you may learn that you and your child’s other parent have widely differing views on parental responsibilities. Pennsylvania custody law is designed with this in mind, and the goal of custody law are help you and your spouse reach reasonable compromises on many, if not all, of the potential issues.

A skilled legal professional can assist you with working through many of the issues involved in a custody proceeding such as:

  • Clarifying the difference between legal and physical custody
  • Educating you on your custody rights under the law
  • Guiding you through the conciliation, mediation and potential litigation processes
  • Providing insight on how to obtain your desired custody schedule
  • Explaining what happens if you or the other parent wants to relocate
  • Protecting the rights of fathers when it comes to their children
  • Answering all of your additional questions on custody issues as they arise

Your family means everything to you, and no two families are like. These are just a few of the potential issues that you will have to work through in a Pennsylvania custody proceeding. The law recognizes that you and your family have unique needs.

Buzgon Davis Is Here For Your Family

If you become involved in a custody proceeding, your children are likely to experience some measure of hurt, confusion and disappointment. You want to minimize their pain as much as possible, and let them know that although you and their other parent are no longer together, your love for them remains.

It is vitally important for you to be there for your children during this time, which is why securing the services of a legal professional is essential.

A legal professional can provide necessary support and guidance, while representing your best interests. With an attorney working on your behalf, you can focus on the important work of healing your family.

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