Lebanon Valley YMCA’s Civic Search

On Wednesday, our own Kelli Knerr will participate in the Lebanon Valley YMCA’s Civic Search, helping Lebanon County high school students learn firsthand how their local government affects their everyday lives.

“The program helps students learn about the work government officials do for the community, and helps them see for themselves how government actually touches them,” Kelli explained. “The kids will get to meet several government officials, and learn how a community works.”

In addition to learning about obtaining permits and licenses, students will also learn how various governmental offices function. Then, during an open luncheon, students will be able to interact with several local officials, including Lebanon’s mayor, county commissioners and school board members.

Kelli said she is looking forward to a great turnout – and a lot of great questions for local community leaders. “These students are the future of our community,” she said. “It is great to be a part of a program that shows them that.”

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