Firm Philosophy

The most important decisions you will ever have to make are the most difficult. Family. Finance. Estate planning. Sometimes, circumstances force you to take decisive action to protect the things that matter to you most. Occasionally, you or a loved on makes a mistake and legal charges loom on the horizon. These are serious decisions, with real consequences.

You have to trust your attorney to have the experience and knowledge to advise you. You have to trust your attorney to have your best interests at heart, always.

You're not hiring a lawyer, you're partnering with an advisor who will help you through the most difficult times you may ever face. Trust Matters.

Trust the attorneys of the Buzgon Davis Law Offices.

Attorneys of the Buzgon Davis Law Offices work as a team - YOUR team. When you partner with a Buzgon Davis attorney, you benefit from the specialized training, expertise and experience of every attorney in Lebanon's most trusted law firm.

Our attorneys’ combined expertise and comprehensive legal knowledge deliver the very best legal representation for you. Partners and Associates regularly confer to study problems and plan strategy for the wide variety of legal matters that we handle for our clients.

Get the Benefit of a Top Legal Team Operating on a Cost-Effective Basis

Each case will be supervised by one attorney, generally the counselor with whom you first consulted. He or she will coordinate the efforts of the other attorneys who may be working on your matter to maximize effectiveness, efficiency and economy. This affords you the advantages of a team of attorneys operating on a cost-effective basis.

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